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The Extravirgin Olive Oil
to dress your everyday meal

Subscribe and enrich your meal, every day, as long as you want!

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LiliBeo products


Why a subscription plan for my olive oil?

Many people don't know that extravirgin olive oil is a perishable product. Thus, after the harvest and transformation process, we store it in proper silos that preserve its freshness over the months. With the LiliBeo subscription plan you purchase the olive oil just once and we send you a smaller amount every four months, directly to your place, in order to give you the proper time to consume it. And if you need more time to finish it, you can suspend the subscription as long as you want.

In summary, the subscription plan is the best way to:


  1. save money: you don't pay any shipping fee

  2. purchase once the olive oil you need for a whole year, with the guarantee of its freshness

  3. personalize your plan: you can suspend it as long as you want, in order to align it with your actual olive oil consumption.

As a result, your storage is not crowded and the olive oil is always fresh!



Choose a  single purchase  or a subscription plan

We send you the olive oil directly to your place and if you subscribe you don’t get any delivery fee





You can suspend it anytime and as long as you want

liliBeo olive oil is a blend made of:

Cerasuola is a medium-size but tasty olive.


It gives oil a bitter and spicy flavour, thus it’s fundamental to make your meals’ taste intense and fresh.


Its harvest period is mid-october.


Cerasuola 70%

Biancolilla 15%

Biancolilla is one the most refined variety.


This olive turns from bright green to light pink during its maturation phase (that’s why we call it Biancolilla, literally white-lilac).


Its taste is fruity and extremely aromatic.


Nocellara del Belice is a big and juicy olive,

originally cultivated in the homonym Belice Valley.


It provides the oil almond and artichoke scents.

It’s usually harvested at the end of September.


It’s a DOP variety, this means that you can only find it in this part of Sicily!

Nocellara del Belice 15%

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