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Paper Bag in Box - 3 lt (101 fl oz)

Paper Bag in Box - 3 lt (101 fl oz)


The 3 liter bottle is a convenient way to have the olive oil you need for about 4 months for yourself and your family. Bag-in-boxes are small enough to fit in your pantry and be used for your daily meals. They are made of paper which protects a plastic bag which is able to insulate the oil from air and light, preserving its freshness. The bag-in-box is equipped with a convenient removable tap.

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    LiliBeo is an organic extra virgin olive oil, grown and processed in Sicily (Italy).

    An intense and balanced mix of three native Sicilian varieties, Cerasuola, Biancolilla and Nocellara, which enriches any meal. It is characterized by a slight bitterness and balanced pungency, which reflect the freshness of the product.

    The best way to appreciate it is on a slice of warm, homemade bread!


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