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from our  family to  yours

Behind the LiliBeo Family there is the obsession of quality and the passion for sharing.

We are based in Sicily.

Olive oil is not only a fundamental ingredient of Sicilian cuisine, it is the enricher of any meal. Therefore, our mission is to provide all families, large or small, the best product to enrich all their meals, every day and in a sustainable way.
"Let me add a last drizzle of oil" is a simple gesture of love, towards yourself and your loved ones. Olive oil is the means we have chosen to communicate a way of life that includes slowness, respect for yourself and for your community.
We firmly believe that what makes a family is just love and a good meal around the table.
And we are here to help you with that.

Our commitment in 4 points

Buying LiliBeo means not only buying oil, but giving trust to a project that moves on well-defined tracks:

1. buy less, but better: we can no longer do without many things, but we can choose to buy a little more wisely. We try to convince our customers not to buy more than necessary, to finish all the extra virgin olive oil they have at home before ordering it again. Our subscription plan aims precisely at this: aligning the purchase of oil with your consumption rhythms.

2. valorisation of artisan work: farmers are artisans who must be protected and whose work is a precious resource that must be adequately remunerated. This means that we cannot afford too deep discounts and too low prices, because it would force us to cut costs linked to professionalism that we intend to protect and enhance.

3. care for the environment: Agriculture itself is not an ideal activity for the environment, but we can choose to do it responsibly. We use an organic farming method, which helps us keep our soil fertile and we select suppliers and materials that allow us to impact as little as possible on the precious resources of our planet.

4. Quality at affordable prices: we invest every day to ensure you have an excellent product. However, we are committed to maintaining prices that allow us to cover costs and make money, but never take advantage of them. Everyone must have access to quality products, every day. And this is why our motto is "Dress your everyday meal", because every day and every meal deserves to be enriched in the best way and quality extra virgin olive oil is a key product of the Mediterranean diet, which everyone should have equal access.

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